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GroupWiseSync Service Options

Free Service
GroupWiseSync can sync your events from your  GroupWise Calendar to your mobile device, including repeating appointments and all-day events. Each sync has a window of +30 days and -7 days from the sync date.
Cost: It's Free
Premium Service
If you want more you can get more, including the ability to sync Tasks, Contacts and multiple Calendars. Upgrade your account today and get advanced synchronization at the touch of a button.
Cost: 12 months for only £29.95
Free Service Premium Service
Bi-directional Calendar Synchronization
Giving you the ability to synchronize your events and appointments between your device and your GroupWise Calendar account.
Included Included
All-Day Events
Synchronize birthdays and other all-day events.
Included Included
Repeating Events
Support for repeating events (an appointment every Monday at 9am etc).
Included Included
Appointment Reminders
Synchronize appointment reminders. Be alerted before a meeting.
Included Included
Free/Busy Status
Sync an appointments Free/Busy status.
Included Included
Private Events
Allows you to synchronize private events.
Included Included
Full Access to Sync Logs
Allowing you to see the details of your recent syncs.
Included Included
Multiple Device Support
Allowing you to synchronise up to 4 devices with GroupWise using a single GroupWiseSync account.
Additional Sync Modes
Support for additional sync modes such as Update Device and Update Server.
Priority Support
Get priority on all requests sent to GroupWiseSync support.
Get the AutoSync feature added to the GroupWiseSync client on your Windows Mobile and Palm OS devices.
Configurable Sync Window
You can select +- 365 days, allowing you to sync any events that fall within this sync window.
Multi Calendar Support
Allows you to select and sync events from any of your GroupWise Calendars. 
Read Only Calendars
Sync events to your device from any read-only shared calendar.
GroupWise Contacts Synchronization
Providing you with a bi-directional contacts synchronisation between your device and your GroupWise account.
GroupWise Tasks Synchronization
Providing you with a bi-directional tasks synchronisation between your device and your GroupWise account.